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Mike from MN

I have several friends at North Central (one of them knows about my own struggle w/ homosexuality), & the account they gave me about the Equality Ride visit to their school was in stark contrast to what the media reported. According to my friends at the school, the protesters seemed very rude & immature, refusing to move in order to allow students get to their classes, & when security guards tried to remove the protesters, they reacted dramatically & unproportionally to the force inflicted upon them. During the evening rally, the Riders thanked all of their supporters for coming out to support them, but many of the "supporters" weren't actually supporters, but rather students just curious about what the Riders had to say.

In addressing Soulforce's claim that North Central refused to allow them to speak on campus, that is only partially true. North Central was open to dialogue, but off-campus. Here's an official statement from the school:

In early April, a third-party unaffiliated with the University offered to mediate a meeting in a neutral location between Jacob Reitan and members of the Equality Ride and North Central University. The University agreed to meet if the Riders called off their protest scheduled for April 17. The Equality Ride members declined this offer. The University is disappointed that the leaders of the Soulforce Equality Ride turned down this proposal for dialog.

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