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Very true in regards to:

"The problem with marriage in the west didn't start in 2003 with the advent of "gay" defined marriage in Canada. "

So many, even well meaning Christians, miss that point. Once we go outside of the institution of marriage (childbirth out of wedlock, rampant fornication, adultery being condoned, etc.)as God has defined it for us, all "order" in life disappears.

BTW thanks for saying Black and not African American :-) (that is so annoying when people assume that all Americans who happen to be black want to b labeled by that term but that's a discussion for another day) :-)


Hi Renee, thanks for stopping in and giving your opinion. I I think most people today don't understand the wonderful intent behind God's creation of marriage and so they don't feel compelled to care. We really need to see living examples of why godly marriage is a GREAT thing for all of society.

It has to go beyond talking points to make a real difference on a lot of levels.

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