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I agree with you, Alan. In our history, whites put up the signs limiting rights & access to blacks, non-jews limited access to jews in the past; it's horrible. But discrimination has happened from one group to another. To blame someone (or in this case, heterosexuals at large) that they will reject you, and how they will -- this builds walls, it does not help us to grow closer in unity of understanding.

The issue in Boise (and nationwide) is the definition of an sacrament of marriage. "Water fountain" is not defined as "a place where white people take a drink". Marriage IS defined as the union between a man and a woman. The implication that maintaing this natural view leads to disallowing people access to public property is just ridiculous.


There's plenty of evidence to show that gays aren't living disadvantaged lives by any means. In fact, they average out higher than racial minorities do today, let alone back in the era of segregation. Here are some stats to consider:

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